Sullivan + Co. provides event production and design, specialty writing, relationship curation, and brand consulting for small businesses and organizations. 

Margaret founded Sullivan + Co. in 2017 after listening to the needs of small business owners. Artists, calligraphers, bloggers, nonprofit directors and CEOs had one common issue: special projects that are crucial to their business often come up, but they simply don't have the ability to follow through. They often don't have the time to dedicate to projects or don't have the resources to manage them. So what happens? Stress to make it happen goes through the roof or great opportunities become missed opportunities. But why does that have to be the case? 

Sullivan + Co. allows small businesses say yes. Yes to the collaboration with a fellow entrepreneur. Yes to increasing your social media or online presence. Yes to handing off projects to an experienced event planner, writer and collaborator so that you can focus on what YOU do. Through working together, Sullivan + Co. hopes to bring you peace of mind, energy, and as one client called it, "small business therapy." 

Meet Margaret Keyes, Owner


Born and raised in Albany, Georgia, Margaret's roots run deep, but branches reach far. Growing up in a small town, relationships are's where family are friends and friends are family. Despite her closeness to home, Margaret's natural ability to connect with others has always pushed her to spread her sense of closeness to well beyond her home. 

Margaret attended the University of Georgia and, upon graduation, spent five years working at the university. High-volume and high-energy projects laid the groundwork for Margaret to launch Sullivan + Co., allowing her to channel her expertise towards small business owners and creative entrepreneurs.

Sullivan + Co. all started with an insatiable sense of curiosity. A curiosity about the endlessly creative minds and unique businesses that bring life to our communities. Sullivan + Co. works with amazing people behind small brands and businesses, making them flourish in ways they didn't know they could.  Margaret and her husband Will live Macon, Georgia, where she works with clients throughout the Southeast.