Say yes to the opportunities that come your way.

Sullivan + Co. works with clients to creatively and successfully approach their projects. Sometimes small business owners know exactly what their goals, stressors, or needs are....and sometimes they don't. Instead of letting amazing opportunities pass by from a lack of time or ability, take them. Let's talk to pinpoint how Sullivan + Co. can help you to start saying yes.


Event Planning + Coordination

Project Curation + Management

PR + Marketing Consulting

Brand Evolution + Expansion

Writing + Storytelling

With a side of encouragement, stress-calming convos, and life cheerleading.


Sullivan + Co. offers a 30 minute free discovery call or meeting with interested clients. All partnerships need to work for both parties, so let's see if we are a good match!


All clients are different. Sullivan + Co. works to meet the client where they are to accomplish the projects, goals, and needs that are unique to them.